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About Us

Shri Dharam Pal Bajaj (our first Chairman) was born in Lahore Cantt. (Now Pakistan) In the year 1924 in a well-known business family. His father was Lala Ganpat Rai Bajaj, who, hailed from a well established business-house having large property and four-major prestigious British Army Cantracts for Boarding and Lodging in Peshawar, Lahore Aptabad and Rawalpindi (now Pakistan).

Lala Ganpat Rai Bajaj was an ‘elite’ of Lahore, who fervently participated in the freedom movement, which had picked up momentum in Lahore then. In fact his close association with Lala Lajpat Rai, the Lion of Punjab, was known to one and all.

At the age of twenty years, the young Shri D.P. Bajaj, was the first in the family to shift to Delhi alone after partition. It was Shri D.P Bajaj once again who struck the deal of the magnificent store in Delhi, in the year 1947(after partition) which became the bread winner for the entire family in years to come. And here BAJAJ VACCO home appliances were born in the year 1948-49.

That was the era of the starting of ‘home appliances’ which were being invented and developed then. BAJAJ VACCO, has to its credit the development and launching of many a first home products in India, in the years 1950 to 1960, in which time the entire range of home electrical appliances evolved. a) Iron Press and then Automatic b) Mixer Grinders c) Water Heaters d) Ovens e) Pressure Cookers f) Table Lamps g) Small and Big Fans h) Kettles plain and Automatic i) Room Heaters and then Heat Convectors j) Bread Toasters h) Cooking Hot plates etc.- all items saw their first development and launch under the Patronage of BAJAJ VACCO, being mastermind by Shri. D.P Bajaj our first chairman.

Shri Ajay Bajaj, the present group leader was received his education from Modern School, New Delhi. He did his B.A (Honours) and M.B.A. from Delhi University. He further did his Company Law from Indian Institute of law, after which he took extensive Sales and Marketing Training in a Multinational Company. Ajay Bajaj has vast experience in manufacturing and marketing of Home Appliances in almost all parts of the Country in the name and style of BAJAJ VACCO Electrical Appliances, which are produced and marketed under his able guidance of leadership.