BAJAJ VACCO 2000-watts Manual Induction Cooktop Aluminium with 1 Burner, Black HPC-06


  • BAJAJ VACCO Electricals is a Over 70 Years Old National Brand Registered with Govt. of India, having Tradition of High Quality Produtcts and Un-conditional After Sales Services.
  • Fitted with ISI Marked ‘Theeta’ Coil Heater.
  • Less Power Consumption, Durable and Long Lasting. Heavy Duty Steel Body. Powder Coated Rust Resistant Shock Proof, Insulated Robust Steel Body Complete with Connecting Lead and Plug Heat Control Three Step ‘Rotary Regulator’ Switch
  • Dimension (in CM) (LxBxH) 33x28x12 Weight (in KG) :- 2.200 KG One Year off Site Warranty – Life Long Service
  • Ideal For Homes, Kitchens, Restaurants for Personal and Commercial Use. Any Metal Vassal, Tawa Pot, Griddle or Frying Pan Can be Placed on this Multi Purpose Hot Plate Coil for Easy Heating & Cooking
  • Power Consumption 2000 Watt 230 V AC. Fitted with ISI Marked ‘Theeta’ Coil Heater


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BAJAJ VACCO Electric Coil Hot Plate 2000 Watt HPC-06 (Without Regulator):- Expand your cooking space with Hot Plate Coil 2000 watt .It is Compact, Portable and Insulated. The Powerful 2000 watts cooks food quickly and efficiently; the unit has 3 level adjustable ‘Heat Control’, so you can cook , warm & keep food at the desired temperature. Hot Plate is a must-have for modern day Kitchens, Homes & Offices. This sleek and trendy Coil Hot Plate is made of Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Body, which occupies very less space on the kitchen table. Switch to a healthy way of cooking with this BAJAJ VACCO Electric Coil Hot Plate that retains all the Nutrients and Essential Vitamins in the food unlike conventional modes of cooking. Designed for faster and safer cooking. This elegant Coil Hot Plate is very energy efficient and cooks food quicker. A lengthy connecting cord of 1.2 meters allows flexibility to move the Hot Plate easily. This Coil Hot Plate is Free of any Pollution, Smoke or Hazards of Microwave Cooking.

Note:- BAJAJ VACCO Electric Coil Hot Plate 2000 Watt HPC-06 (Without Regulator) is a Coil Hot Plate with Electric Heating Element and is Not a Induction Hot Plate.

Warranty Details for this offer

BAJAJ VACCO Electrical Appliances have a Warranty against of manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. BAJAJ VACCO Electrical Appliances Service Centre is situated in Delhi Only.

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Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 33 × 28 × 12 cm


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