Refunds and Cancellations

Order Cancellation & Refund Policy

This cancellation & refund policy applies to orders and monitory transactions performed in this website “” (including its subdomains).

“Customer” means the individual or company who places an order to purchase product(s) or service(s). “Company” means

  1. Acceptance of Orders

All orders will be considered accepted only after receiving full payment.

An accepted order will be identified by “Order ID” mentioned in order confirmation message and order confirmation email. An order can not be identified without valid “Order ID” provided by the company.

  1. Cancellation of Orders

The customer may cancel an order any time prior to “shipment” of the product without providing any justification or penalty. The “shipment” is identified as the event of handover of the parcel to courier partner at warehouse. Customer should check the “Order Status” displayed at “Track Your Order” webpage in our website before cancelling the order.

The company reserves the right to cancel any accepted order prior to delivery of the product without providing any justification or penalty.

  1. Return of Delivered Product(s)

Product(s) damaged during shipping and delivery will be replaced / repaired free of cost, refund will not be considered. The customer need to intimate within 2 working days of delivery with adequate proof of damage to get them replaced / repaired free of cost.

The customer may return delivered product(s) within 7 working days, due to (i.) manufacturing defects or (ii.) degraded performance with respect to product specification(s) only. The customer must communicate proper proof and justifications to return product(s).

The customer needs to return his product(s) in original packaging.

Customer may choose to return part of original consignment based on above criteria. The refund amount will be adjusted according to returned product value without any penalty.

  1. Refund

Refund amount will be credited within 15 working days of (i.) order cancellation or (ii.) receiving of returned product(s). or (iii.) Notification of failed shipment.

The refundable money will be transferred via payment gateway channel through which money was received.

The customer is advised to create account and login with credentials to track and manage refunds efficiently in our website.